NCCF Testimonials

"Tires and wheels can be pretty expensive for an upfront full payment and Arc 90 helped us finance, we had many interested customers who would hold off on accessorizing their vehicles. When we introduced Arc 90 its benefits, our customers increased as well as our sales. More customers are now buying sets of wheels and they are satisfied with our company for being able to offer financing so easily with no credit check. Customers are getting approved quickly and our company is happy with Arc 90 especially since they are always available with no waiting time and ready to help."

– NCCF Testimonials, Mayda T., Automotive Accessory Sales

"I’ve been using Arc 90 for over 1 year now and it has saved my business! Arc 90 allows me to expand my business into a customer base that I didn’t have access to. People that walked into my store as looker and awaiting some financial development, turned into immediate and cheerful buyers. I have made over $80,000 in the year I started using this program and that was when they used checks only. Now that arc 90 processes transactions without checks, I’ve done 9 deals in a week, totaling over $6,823.23. If you don’t have alternative financing in this day and age, you’re missing the boat! My money is always in the bank when it’s supposed to be and the customer service representatives never run from a question. They answer questions with professionalism and knowledge. I’m amazed with this service! Big Purchases!"

– NCCF Testimonials, John W., Furniture Retail

"I am the owner of an automotive repair firm in the West Los Angeles area. Before partnering up with Arc 90 we only had a credit finance option. 3 of 10 applicants were approved; the other seven were not and could not afford the total coast of the bill. After speaking to a representative, the Arc 90 program was explained to me and I knew it would be awesome. Now most of the customers that come to my shop, and need help with financing are processed through the Arc 90 program which does not require any credit check. Not only am I using this program for my retail customers, I use this program for my whole sale customers as well!"

– NCCF Testimonials, Carlos L., Automotive Repair

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