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iNet Team has grown over the last 22 years based on providing related services.

In today’s world every aspect of your business, especially your accounting, payment system and customer relation management software need to be integrated. Add to this your website and internet marketing program. Using separate companies to manage each aspect can lead to inefficient use of your resources.

Inet provides the “Team” to efficiently select and manage the right services to grow your business. Over the years we have added products, services and partners to provide you with one contact and components that work perfectly for you. Founded by Bill DeLanoy, an entrepreneur who successfully built chain of spa stores in the 70’s understands what it takes to grow a business and how important financing, marketing and reporting are to keeping your business on track. Since the advent of the internet, we have been active in internet marketing, web design and payment gateway integration.

Bill says  “back when my partners and I were building Great Western Spas, we spent a lot of nervous nights worrying if our ad campaign’s were working, I thing I love about using the internet is that you can actually track and adjust your campaign’s in real time, greatly adding to your success rate.”

Our goal is to always help you either save money, or make money. Preferably both.

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