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We are a business alliance for small and medium sized businesses. We have whatever it takes to get your business where you want it…on top! Here at iNet Team Inc., we offer:

Merchant Services, Point of Sale Software Systems, Wireless Hand-Held Credit Card Terminals, Credit Card Processing Terminals, Equipment Leasing, Loyalty, Gift, and Debit Cards, Business Finance Programs, Consumer Financing, Debt Elimination Services, Payroll Products, an online Video Meeting System, Internet Marketing, Web Development, and Public Relations.

The patented alternative to credit based financing

As of now, our hottest program that is helping thousands of merchants increase sales is the Arc 90 No Credit Check Financing Program. Inquire now with our contact form located at top left area of the page. Or, if you are already working with an agent of iNet Team, contact them to  find out how you can get started today. For more information “click here.“ Many stores are utilizing this sales increasing service. Not only does it generate more sales, the individual sales are often for higher amounts. ARC 90 was designed to benefit the store and customer.

Patented since 2006. U.S. Patent 7,747,529 B2


We strive to provide exceptional customer service. Choosing us means choosing the right path for your business. Call us at 1-866-251-0061 Ext. 700, and one of our associates will help you with whatever aspect of your business you need. Thank You for choosing iNet Team Inc.


We want to make sure your company is throwing as much paint at the wall as possible to ensure that you are not missing out on any of the customers that you deserve.

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